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New BioRowTel Measurement system with WiFi BioRow™ measurement system BioRowTel was recentl... 29/03/2017 View
Biomechanical evaluation of boats and oars “Which boats and which oars are faster?” Quest... 19/03/2017 View
Biomechanics of technical drills. Part 2. Here is the further analysis and discussion on bio... 19/02/2017 View
Biomechanics of technical drills Technical drills are widely used for teaching novi... 04/01/2017 View
Recovery phase and boat speed efficiency Only the stroke rate and length of seat travel aff... 19/12/2016 View
The Biomechanics of the recovery phase The “mirror principle” was statistically confi... 22/11/2016 View
Effect of using Catch Training System An experimental evaluation of the effect of using ... 29/10/2016 View
Trends of boat speed, stroke rate and race strategy after Rio-2016 Olympics In Rio-2016 Olympics, the races were won by means ... 26/10/2016 View
Calf muscles in rowing It is common knowledge that rowing utilises nearly... 08/08/2016 View
The new Rocker foot stretcher from BioRow/WinTech The new Rocker foot stretcher from BioRow/WinTech 21/07/2016 View
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