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Why some rowers and crews are so fast on water, though they could be not so powerful as their competitors? How to find you fastest, the most optimal rowing technique? How to you’re your rowing effective and enjoyable? Since 1986 we work hard in Rowing Biomechanics area to discover and analyse facts, and answer these questions. We do hope we will progress in our knowledge and expertise together with you.

Enjoy using BioRow knowledge, products and services!

Dr. Valery Kleshnev,

BioRow Founder & Director

Knowledge base

  • The first electronic manual on Rowing Biomechanics,
  • Systematically covers all areas of Rowing Biomechanics:
  • Measurements, analysis, practical recommendations,
  • Technique, rigging, erg rowing, race strategy & much more…
  • Useful for rowers, coaches and scientists,
  • Gives you strong background of effective rowing technique,
  • Based on objective facts, rather than subjective opinions,
  • Continuously updates with new research & analysis.

Our services

  • We will accurately measure your rowing biomechanics,
  • BioRow standard test procedure, or your own workouts,
  • In-depth analysis helps to understand your limitations,
  • Detailed feedback session with biomechanics data & video,
  • Comparison with “Gold Standards” and easy understanding,
  • Essential for crews selection and synchronisation,
  • Regular testing provides progress monitoring,
  • Seminars, lectures and on-line consultation.

Our products

  • BioRowTel measurement system: quick, accurate, reliable,
  • Every stroke is recorded and easy to understand with data averaging.
  • BioRowTel can work with any boat, it is light and unobtrusive,
  • Oar Angle Guides are essential for your stroke length;
  • Three versions of Angle Guides to choose from,
  • Catch training system for RP3 erg,
  • “Biomechanics of Rowing” book by Dr. Valery Kleshnev,
  • Custom designed systems for rowing research.