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Rowing Biomechanics Publications in 2023 A few articles in the area of Rowing Biomechanics were published in 2023, and here are our brief reviews 30/01/2024 View
Averaged biomechanical curves New findings were revealed with further analysis of the averaged biomechanical curves obtained using BioRow method. 21/12/2023 View
New analysis method of biomechanical curves Interesting findings has been revealed with recently developed new BioRow analysis method... 07/12/2023 View
Angles of Body segments in World’s best rowers The rower’s position at the two end points of the stroke cycle: catch and finish, is a common coaching topic. 07/11/2023 View
Analysis of Worlds 2023 in Belgrade At the latest 2023 Rowing World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, the weather was very different between the two days of A finals. 02/10/2023 View
Biomechanics of Para-rowing Here we present a case study here on the comparison of Olympic and Para-rowers in singles. Biomechanics of Para-rowing have many similar features with open events. The main differences were found in shorter drive length, shorter catch angles, and lower rowing power, which together with higher drag resistance resulted in slower rowing speed. 09/09/2023 View
Evaluation of Concept2 Comp Sweep Blades Recently, we have made our first biomechanical evaluation of the sweep version of the Comps oars... 31/07/2023 View
Visualisation of Catch Factor and Blade Slip During the optimal Catch Factor, seat moves to the now no more than 1.5cm. The blade must be accelerated backwards up to certain velocity to hit the water with its front or achieve a neutral entry. 09/07/2023 View
Tools and methods in Rowing Biomechanics Some rowing coaches like simpler monitoring systems, others prefer in-depth testing with BioRow system, and some successfully combine both methods. 09/06/2023 View
Mechanics of rowing accelerations Mechanics of the boat, rower and system accelerations, along with answers to common questions on the matter 01/05/2023 View
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