About BioRow

BioRow Ltd. is a research & development and consulting company company based in the UK. It was established in 2009 by Dr. Valery Kleshnev -  a graduate sport scientist and silver Olympic medallist. Since 1986, Valery has been involved in R&D and consultancy in rowing biomechanics and has spent more than 20 years working at sport institutes in Russia, Australia and the UK. This experience gives us the freedom, flexibility and efficiency to do what we love: study rowing biomechanics and help rowers to row faster and more effectively. For many years, we have developed a wide network of collaborators: electronic and mechanical engineers, software programmers and rowing scientists, to name a few. These people make up the bigger BioRow team.

BioRow's Mission:

To help rowers and rowing coaches who wish to improve their rowing technique or the technique of their athletes. The goal is to row smarter, and go faster - by means of essential measurements, objective analysis and practical feedback.

What we do:

The BioRow business consists of the following closely related parts:

  1. Consultancy service for rowers, coaches and managers of rowing teams in the area of rowing biomechanics and technique improvement. We can come to you, or you can come to us. We will install our equipment onto your boats, take the rowers through a certain testing procedure, in which essential biomechanical variables are measured and collected. After a quick and thorough analysis, we will give you very specific feedback on what your rowers are doing well, and what needs to be improved to achieve the highest efficiency and speed. We can compare your data with “targets” based off of the world's best rowers, rank the rowers in your squad (if needed) and track your progress through regular testing.
  2. Equipment used to help improve rowing technique: From very simple pieces like the BioRow Angle Guides, to more complex, yet still relatively easy to use telemetry systems for both the boat and the ergometer (BioRowTel and BioRowTech respectively). Using the information gathered from our equipment - be it a simple angle from the Angle Guides or a force curve from the telemetry system, you can continuously work on your rowing technique, monitor your progress and achieve your best results in the most effective way.
  3. Research & Development consultancy for manufacturers of rowing equipment. We have successful experience working with well-known companies, such as Concept2, Nielsen-Kellerman, WinTech, RP3 - as well as some smaller companies. We can biomechanically test your product, analyse it's performance, then advertise the possible advantages of the product, or report to the company confidentially about any points to be improved.
  4. Research and Publications in rowing-related studies. If you are a university, a sport institute or rowing academy we can consult you on research projects related to rowing biomechanics, provide equipment for both rowing machine and on-water measurements, and help with data analysis and publications.

Welcome to BioRow

We are ready to help you to row smarter – row faster!

- Dr. Valery Kleshnev

BioRow founder and director