Rigging services

Rigging services

BioRow rigging services help rowers and coaches to verify if their rigging is correct, and setup the most optimal rigging parameters for the crew performance level, body dimensions and composition.

The rigging services can be provided in addition to BioRow biomechanical technique assessment, or separately. There are a few types of Rigging services:

  • Basic rigging is quick, inexpensive service, which can be used in large squads with many boats/rowers.
  • Advanced rigging uses individualized approach, includes measurement of rower’s dimensions and extended adjustments, which takes more time.
  • Rigging seminars and master-classes help rowers and coaches to understand it better and teach them to maintain an optimal rigging themselves.
  • On-line rigging consultations is an easy way to verify your ideas about rigging.

1.. Basic rigging

The Basic rigging service includes measurement of the following parameters:

  1. Oar Length
  2. Inboard
  3. Span / Spread
  4. Gate(s) Height
  5. Pin Pitch in fore-aft and lateral directions

The following indicators derived from above measurements: static oar gearing, overlap, difference in the gates height in sculling.

Both measured and derived rigging numbers compared with recommended targets and adjusted, if necessary.

2.. Advanced rigging

The Advanced rigging service adds the following measurement:

  1. Stretcher position,
  2. Stretcher height,
  3. Stretcher Angle
  4. Slides position (Work through)
  5. Boat height from the water

Also, the following rower’s parameters are measured:

  1. Height,
  2. Arms span,
  3. Sitting height,
  4. Shins/thigh length.

Rigging services are charged in units (1 unit = £30) based on their volume and complexity.

See the table below for the reference.

1.Rigging seminars and master-classes

BioRow rigging seminars and master-classes provide:

  1. Biomechanically based explanation of the main rigging principles,
  2. Reference values and rigging examples for specific boat classes and rowers categories,
  3. Hands-on practicing in effective rigging technique.

Cost estimation: £250 for a half day.

4.On-line rigging consultations

On-line rigging consultations help to analyse your rigging settings remotely based on the your own measurements and information.

Cost estimation: 1-2 units (£30-60) depending on complexity.

Please contact us for more information: valery@biorow.com

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Rigging Servises 1 unit

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