There are two types of Biomechanical assessment provided by BioRow:

  • Standard testing is the simplest, quickest and the best value-for-money way to receive the most essential data on your crews, analyse it and receive helpful feedback.
  • Extended testing allows you to receive more in-depth information about rowing technique, efficiency of your rigging and equipment, but takes more time and effort.

Detailed description of measured variables could be found here.

Data analysis is grouped in six main areas of Rowing Biomechanics:

  1. Power variables: Stroke rate and length, average handle force, work per stroke.
  2. Stroke dynamics: Catch Factor, indicators of and shape of the force curve.
  3. Rowing Style Factor and other indicators of body segments work.
  4. Blade work indicators: catch and release slips, depth, and effective angle under the water.
  5. Synchronization in the crew at 12 key moments of the stroke cycle.
  6. Boat movement indicators: its velocity and acceleration patterns, roll, pitch, and yaw.

Data presentation includes four main templates (click to see examples):

  1. Summary of the testing shows where the samples were taken and the main rowing characteristics: stroke rates, rowing speeds, Effective Work per Stroke, boat movement indicators.
  2. Individual rower’s summary indicates the technique, and how/if each rower in the crew changes their technique at various stroke rates: oar angles, force curve and other main technical indicators.
  3. Sample summary shows data of all rowers in the crew in each separate sample, which allows to see their synchronisation, or port-starboard oars work in singles.
  4. Evaluation of the testing results compares each rower’s indicators with Gold Standard targets in numerical and graphical formats. Also, statistical evaluation in each category is given.

In addition to above main templates, more of them could be presented:

Examples of the whole reports can be seen here for 1x, 2x, 4x, 2-, 4- and 8+.

For the best data evaluation in relation to the Gold Standards, it is recommended to use the BioRow testing protocol, though it is not compulsory and you can use your own testing routines. BioRow protocol consist of one continuous 2000m piece with step-increasing stroke rate, which allows to estimate both effects of stroke rate and fatigue on rowing technique:

During the feedback session, all the above information could be delivered to the coach(es) and/or to the rowers, and the technical pointers are illustrated by video taken during the testing to aid with understanding the data. All details can be explained, all your questions answered, and subsequent recommendations for your technique improvement could be given. See video example of feedback session here.

Still in doubts? Please see here for more reasons to choose BioRow, or contact us for more information at

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Extended Technique Assessment

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