• BioRowTel system

BioRowTel measurement system

1.   Overview

BioRowTel system was made by a rowing scientist, so it measures the most essential components of rowing technique in the most practical, accurate and reliable way. The system is light, does not affect rigging settings, it is quick to setup on any boat, it has a scalable design, where the main Master, unit can be connected to a chain of extension units – Slaves. The Master unit provides power for all sensors, collects and records the data.

BioRowTel software brings to your hands all our experience and technology ready to go. It provides a unique averaging algorithm allows unambiguous analysis of massive rowing data, easy comparison end evaluation of various samples (rowers in a crew, various stroke rates, previous and current data). Original calibration method takes only 1min to calibrate each oar and allows reliable calculation of rowing power.

2.   Specifications

In 2016, we have released the Master v.5, which has a 10Hz GPS, impeller input, 3D accelerometer and 3D gyro for the most accurate determination of the movement of the rower-boat system; Bluetooth and BLE for connection to heart rate sensors and WiFi for sending feedback data to a coach’s or rower’s tablet PC.

2D oar angle sensor measures movements of the oar shaft in horizontal and vertical planes, which allows defining the track of the blade relative to water level and hence catching and releasing slips and effective angles.

The position sensor of the seat and shoulders allows deriving body segments velocities (legs, trunk and arms) and their power input into total rowing power, which defines rowing style and allows in-depth analysis of the technique.

A wide selection of force sensors can be used with the BioRowTel system:

1.      Wired handle force transducer is accurate, reliable, light (80g), inexpensive and could be quickly attached to the oar shaft, so it works with any oar, sweep or scull.

2.      8D Wireless handle force sensor works similarly to its wired analogue, but it sends data through Bluetooth and has a 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro and an external input for another wired force sensor, so it fully defines blade movements. It can also be used in kayaking.

3.              Instrumented gates (sweep and sculling) are available for long-term monitoring of rowing technique. They measure 2D force in the oar reference frame and the oarlock angle.


3.   Configurations & prices

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BioRowTel system

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