Seat movement is very important in rowing, because it closely related to the movements of rower’s centre of mass CM, which accelerations and synchronisation in a crew are critical for rowing efficiency and performance.

BioRowTel is the only system on the market, which supplied with seat position sensors as a standard configuration. The sensor can be mounted on the boat deck in seconds and connected to the seat with a spring-loaded string. The same sensor can be mounted on a mast (supplied) and used for measurements of shoulders movements in small boats, which allows to define rowing style and in-depth analysis of the technique.

When BioRowTech system for a rowing machine was introduced in 2017, we have developed our own position sensors of two types: small one with 1.25m range (for seat movement), and large sensor with 2m range for the handle and trunk.

Both versions have the same price, they are waterproof, compact and have excellent performance in rowing applications. Please specify the type of the sensor you want to order, as well as its application (for a boat, or rowing machine) related to the connectors type.



Small position sensor

Large position sensor

Measured displacement

0 – 1.25m



48mm (D) x 45mm (H)

68mm (D) x 45mm (H)




Tension of the cord




>100,000 cycles

>100,000 cycles


analogue 0 – 5V

analogue 0 – 5V

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