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Our extended biomechanical measurements are very helpful, if you need to receive more in-depth information about rowing technique, efficiency of your rigging and equipment. This could be used with top level athletes; for studies and research purposes; and for evaluation and development of new boats and oars.

The following additional variables could be measured:

  • Stretcher forces: total, separately toes-heels, left-right foot, in singles it is possible to measure 2D stretcher forces in horizontal and vertical planes.
  • 2D gate forces in normal and axial direction relative to the oar shaft.
  • 3D pin forces in horizontal, forward and transverse direction + vertical force component.
  • Wind speed and direction on the boat.
  • Vertical seat force.
  • Positions of centres of force application at the handle and blade allows to define specifics or oar handling and blade hydrodynamic properties (only with BioRow sculls).
  • 4D forces at the handle measures its axial, normal, vertical components and torque applied to the grip by the rower (only with BioRow sculls).

The most efficient way to do extended testing is to use the BioRow permanently instrumented single (WinTech Cobra for 85-100kg) and sculls (selection of Smooth, Fat2 and Comps with Concept2 Skinny shaft). Your boat(s) could also be instrumented, which would take more time and could be limited by the construction of your boat.

All details of extended testing, required time and cost must be negotiated on a case by case basis according to your requirements and our possibilities. Usually, our standard per diem price £650 is applied.

You can book the extended testing directly here and input an estimated price (subject to availability), or contact us for an invoice at info@biorow.com

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