• BioRowTech system for ergometer

The system is a new tool for quick and easy learning and stabilisation of an effective rowing technique and proper rowing style. The best way to use the system is to install it on a rowing machine with mobile stretcher (such as RP3), which is the closest simulator of a rowing boat, although the itcould be also used on a stationary erg (like traditional Concept2). See other page about a similar system for a boat.

The system is quite simple and consists of a small electronic unit connected to a tablet PC running the BioRow™ software, and only threesensors:

  • Handle movement sensor;
  • Seat movement sensor, which is mounted on the frame and connected to the seat with a wire;
  • Trunk movement  sensor, connected to the rower at shoulders level.

The software calculates and displays the two main factors for every stroke for immediate feedback:


1. Catch Factor is the time between the moments of stopping the handle and the seat at the catch. The optimal value is -25ms (-0.025s): by this time the seat should overtake the handle at the catch, which allows use of legs for the initial movement at the catch and the acceleration of the rower’s mass. Positive values (red zone) mean “rolling back” with the trunk, or “grabbing” the arms and shoulders; extremely negative values below -50ms (blue zone) means “slide shooting” at the catch and losses in leg power.


2. Rowing Style Factor is the ratio of the seat travel to the handle travel during the first 20% of the drive length (from catch till “transition point”, RBN 2015/10). The optimal value is 90%, which means only 10% of the handle movement should be provided by upper body, and the main contribution should come from the legs. Values lower than 80% (red zone) mean “grabbing” arms/shoulders or too early “opening” of the trunk. Values higher than 100% (blue zone) mean legs are going off too fast (“bum shoving”) and losing the power through a “weaker” back.


3. Finish Factor is the time between the moments of stopping the trunk and the handle at finish. The optimal value is -50ms (-0.05s). By this time the “return” of the trunk should overtake the stopping handle. Positive values (red zone) mean “throwing” the trunk after finish; negative values lower than -100ms (blue zone) mean “winding trunk around the handle” and losses in trunk power at finish.


New BioRowTech system is quite a simple, but effective tool for rowing technique improvement for rowers at all levels. For experts, it gives a lot of detailed information, such as the contribution of body segments into total stroke length, values and curves of segment’s velocities, etc. (Fig.4). The system works with a modified BioRowTel software under Windows, which allows recording data samples, producing average curves, and analyse differences between various rowers and data samples.

A quick installation guide could be found here.

More information about the method is here.


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BioRowTech system for ergometer

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