• BioRow Catch Training system

The system is a new tool for quick and easy learning and stabilisation of an effective catch technique and proper rowing style. The best way to use the system is to install it on an RP3 rowing machine, which is the closest simulator of a rowing boat, although the BRCTS could be also used on a Concept2 erg, as well as in a boat (with a different handle sensor).

The system is quite simple and consists of a small electronic unit connected to a tablet PC running the BioRow™ software, and only two sensors:

• A handle movement sensor, which is mounted on the shaft of the flywheel;

• A seat displacement sensor, which is mounted on the frame and connected to the seat with a wire.

The software calculates and displays the two main factors for every stroke for immediate feedback:

CATCH FACTOR (CF) – is the time difference between the moments of changing direction at the handle and the seat at the catch . The most optimal CF was found in the range of -15 to -35ms, which means the seat changes direction earlier than the handle by this time period. More significant negative numbers mean the legs are engaged too early, which may lead to ‘slide shooting’ and wasting work done by the legs. Higher positive numbers mean the seat is engaged too late, which leads to a less dynamic drive and an insufficient “use of weight”.

ROWING STYLE FACTOR (RSF) – is the ratio of the seat and handle travels during the first 20% of the drive (about 30cm from the catch). At the most optimal rowing style, this factor should be from 85% to 100%. Numbers higher than 100% indicate ‘slide shooting’ –where the seat travels further than the handle. Lower numbers mean the trunk is opened up too early, which is also ineffective.

A quick installation guide could be found here.

More information about the method is here.


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BioRow Catch Training system

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