This is a new 2nd edition, comprehensively updated to take account of the most recent developments in the sport. The Biomechanics of Rowing offers a unique insight into the technical and tactical aspects of rowing, based on over 30 years experience of working with the best rowers and coaches all around the globe, a careful analysis of millions of data samples, and comprehensive biomechanical modelling with the aim of finding an optimal balance of variables. This book is intended for rowers and coaches who want to improve their rowing technique, row faster and maximise their results in rowing regattas at their given physical conditions.

The contents:
• Measurement
• Performance analysis
• Technique
• Ergometer rowing
• Rowing equipment and rigging

Here I tried to summarise my knowledge of rowing biomechanics, which didn’t come as a divine revelation, but was a product of extensive measurements and analysis, continuous attempts to solve many puzzles and relate endless numbers to the efficient technique of winning crews. Although inspiration is still important, I believe the only way to achieve is through hard work and continuous thinking.

Please indicate if you would like me to sign the book, when you make an order.

- Valery Kleshnev

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Biomechanics of Rowing

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