Video analysis of the World best rowers

Video analysis of the World best rowers

Videos of the best crews at the Worlds-2022 in Račice was taken using a HD panning camera from a stationary point about 400m from the finish line. The footage was analysed using the RowerUp automated system ( and the data on rowers’ body segments coordinates, angles and velocities was obtained for both gold and silver medallists in all boat types except eights. The digital data was validated for errors and 48 data samples was accepted for analysis (8 samples were missing or rejected): sweep/sculling – 19/29, males/females – 20/28, singles/doubles-pairs/quads-fours – 3/20/25.

The angles were defined by RowerUp as follows:

It was found that males had longer trunk swing than females, but shorter knee angle and shins angle amplitudes. This allows us to suggest that males use more trunk power, while females utilise more legs extension.

This new analysis tool require more development work to verify the method and make it more reliable and accurate. Then, it opens very promising possibilities to discover many new insights of rowing technique and progress of our knowledge.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Sergii Nudel and Juliy Broyda of RowerUp for a kind support of this study.

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