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Analysis of U19 and U23 Worlds in Varese Rowing speed of younger rowers is growing faster t... 02/08/2022 View
Comparison of blade types Further experimentation to determine the most effi... 13/07/2022 View
Blade pitch adjustment Effective bladework depends on the blade pitch –... 15/06/2022 View
Rigging optimization for rowing efficiency With very "light" rigging, a sculler struggled to ... 12/05/2022 View
Practical implications of axial oar forces Recent BioRow research has found that the axial bl... 04/04/2022 View
Determination of rowing power Rowing power is the most important indicator of pe... 08/03/2022 View
Details of force transmission at the handle The effects of two factors: 1) stroke rate, 2) bla... 03/02/2022 View
Force transmission at the handle New data obtained using the recently developed Bio... 08/01/2022 View
Effect of blade rotation in the water Blade rotation in the water during the drive consu... 06/12/2021 View
The next BioRow Webinar on Friday the 26th November 2021 The next BioRow Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is... 17/11/2021 View
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