Our first Visual Immediate Feedback System (VIFS) for rowing was developed in 1999 and was recognised by rowers and coaches as the most effective tool for technique improvement, because rowers can see in a real time what they are doing in a boat and can correct details of their technique from stroke to stroke.

Since that time, various modifications of VIFS has been, made. The most popular was developed in 2010 together with Active Tools Ltd. as a helmet made as a single unit. VIFS-2010 was discontinued because some of its components become obsolete.

The latest version of our BioRow VIFS is based on a head-mounted displays (FPV goggles) with inbuilt video receivers, which are commonly used now for drone operation. To connect the goggles to a video camera, we have made a video transmitter “Video TX”, which can take HDMI or analogue (3 pins) signal from the camera and send it to the goggles.

BioRow VIFS can be used in the following way. A cameraman (e.g. coach in a launch) connects the video output from his camera to the BioRow Video TX, which can be mounted on top of the camera. The rower turns the goggles ON, put them on their head and starts rowing. A coach can take various positions relative to the rower and focus camera on various aspects of rowing technique (body segments sequence, blade work, synchronisation in a crew, etc.). Rowers can see themselves, listen to the coach’s comments and improve their technique immediately. In a crew boat, the goggles can be used by each rower one-by-one, passing them through the boat, or several goggles can be used if they are set to receive the same video-channel (can be selected on Video TX and in the goggles). This makes our BioRow VIFS a very powerful tool for rowing technique development.

You can order BioRow VIFS as a whole set with goggles supplied, or purchase Video TX only and obtain yourself a different compatible goggles of your choice.

Contents of the whole set:

  1. Eachine EV100 FPV goggles;
  2. Video Transmitter BioRow VideoTX;
  3. HDMI – micro-HDMI cable;
  4. Two cables for charging.

Technical specifications:

Video TX mass                  0.3 kg;

Video TX radio                  5.8GHz, 40 channels;

Video input                         HDMI, analogue (3 pins);

Video TX power                25(default)/200/600 mW;

Video TX Battery  LiPo rechargeable from USB;

Video TX Battery life        8 hours;

Working range                   up to 200m.

Goggles IPD:                      58-68mm

Goggles FOV:                    28° diagonal;

Goggles Resolution:            720*540 pixels;

Goggles Battery     LiPo rechargeable from USB.

Please contact us for more information.

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