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Analysis of results of Worlds-2019 in Linz The weather in Linz made the general growth of the speed lower (0.29% per year) than after the previous year’s fast Worlds in Plovdiv. It looks like the rapid increase of racing stroke rates from 2017-18 has gone down. More than half of the winners in Olympic events (8 out of 14) won with a lower stroke rate than their competitors, which means they got an advantage because of higher effective Work per Stroke. 17/09/2019 View
Longitudinal study of rowing technique So far this year, Danish single sculler Sverri Nielsen has been the most successful in the M1x: he has won two regattas out of three and took overall first place in the World Cup series. I’ve been working with Sverri since 2014, and it was very interesting to see how his progress in ranking at World regattas and increasing boat speed are related to changes in his rowing technique. 19/08/2019 View
“Catch through the stretcher” technique Since the publication of my book, “Biomechanics of Rowing”, several readers have posed questions where the common query was my “catch through the stretcher” concept. Our experience proved that learning this technique early on could be very effective. 04/07/2019 View
Further analysis of kinetic energy Some crews maintain nearly constant ratio of kinetic energy to measured work per stroke at all stroke rates, but others decrease it at higher rates down to zero and even to negative values. The new method should be perfected to work with all types of rowing techniques, or abandoned. 16/06/2019 View
New method of kinetic energy evaluation A new method of kinetic energy evaluation was recently developed, which is quite simple and requires only the boat velocity, oar angle and seat position data. It was found that about two thirds of the drag energy is spent during the recovery, and only one third during the drive. the new method produces quite reasonable values for kinetic energy, even without force measurements. 05/05/2019 View
Erg Testing With The BioRowTech System A look at how the BioRowTech system can be used in conjunction with erg testing to identify technical problems and improve them. 19/04/2019 View
Balance of Propulsive Forces An continued analysis of forces in rowing, discussing the balance of propulsive forces on the boat hull and how they relate to internal forces. 22/03/2019 View
Balance of forces on the boat hull Experiments with comprehensive force measurements were conducted recently with new the BioRow instrumented C-bracket mounted on a wing rigger. For the first time, the drag force on the boat was determined directly with BioRow measurements, which can be used for evaluation of rowing technique and equipment quality. 23/02/2019 View
Erg Power vs. On-Water Power An insight into how rowing power in a boat is related to the erg scores of the rower 07/01/2019 View
Power And Kinetic Energy In Rowing A continuation of our discussion of power measurement in rowing. 26/12/2018 View
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