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Tools and methods in Rowing Biomechanics Some rowing coaches like simpler monitoring systems, others prefer in-depth testing with BioRow system, and some successfully combine both methods. 09/06/2023 View
Mechanics of rowing accelerations Mechanics of the boat, rower and system accelerations, along with answers to common questions on the matter 01/05/2023 View
Practical points on boat acceleration A common practical question received from rowers and coaches is: “What should we do to achieve an “ideal” boat acceleration (BA) curve?” 31/03/2023 View
Gold standards for boat acceleration Here we continue the analysis of boat acceleration BA using the model developed in RBN 2023/01 for the evaluation of various aspects of rowing technique. Timing of the boat acceleration curve is the main indicator of“ Gold standard” of rowing technique. Its magnitude defines mainly ratio of active (rower) to passive (boat) masses. 08/03/2023 View
Modelling of boat acceleration Coaches and rowers ask: “Why are targets for the boat acceleration curve are not presented?”. Here is an attempt to develop a method of boat acceleration modelling. 09/02/2023 View
Summary of BioRow studies in 2022 2022 was a very productive year for BioRow, several interesting research projects being completed, as well as significant advances in rowing science being produced ... 02/01/2023 View
Video analysis of the World best rowers Videos of the best crews at the Worlds-2022 in Račice was taken using a HD panning camera for both gold and silver medallists in all boat types except eights. This new analysis tool opens very promising possibilities to discover many new insights of rowing technique and progress of our knowledge. 09/12/2022 View
Rowing biomechanics on-water and on RP3 A study on rowing biomechanics was recently completed during a BioRow clinic, in which handle and body segment velocities were measured on the water in singles and on the RP3 erg. 14/11/2022 View
Performance analysis of Worlds-2022 Performance analysis of Worlds-2022 This Newsletter presents scientific analysis of race results from the recent World Rowing Championships in Račice, Czech Republic. It discloses essential information on the current trends in modern elite rowing. This Newsletter provides an important insight on how races were won or lost in Račice-2022, which would be of interest to elite rowers and coaches. 04/10/2022 View
Rowing Factors FAQs Catch Factor CF indicates TIMING of the handle and seat coordination. Rowing Style Factor RSF indicates relative SPEED of the seat and handle movements during the beginning of the drive. 30/08/2022 View
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