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Title Description Date Added
Interpretation of the Blade Work variables The beginning and end of the drive are more effici... 23/08/2018 View
Advanced Analysis of Blade Work Advanced analysis of the blade work allowed reason... 31/07/2018 View
Blade Drag Factor During the drive phase, the blade slips through th... 10/06/2018 View
Interpretation of the blade work profile After force curve, the blade work profile is anoth... 25/05/2018 View
Interpretation of the force curve We always try to make the BioRow reports provided ... 10/05/2018 View
Ergs comparison using BioRowTech system Recently, the BioRowTech system was used for the ... 09/04/2018 View
History of rowing force measurements The age of force measurements in rowing surpasses ... 14/03/2018 View
BioRow data analysis When rowing is measured with any telemetry system,... 16/02/2018 View
Using legs and trunk during the drive Why having “shins vertical” is a desired start... 19/01/2018 View
New BioRow developments A new BioRow® 2D force sensor for a foot-stretche... 25/11/2017 View
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