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The next BioRow Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is scheduled on Friday the 22nd January 2021 at 11.00am BST (London, UK) Topic: Blade efficiency and rowers selection​​... 15/01/2021 View
Fine oar mechanics We continue the analysis of oar mechanics with two... 02/01/2021 View
Comparison of different blade types The new measurement method of the blade centre of ... 23/12/2020 View
Front-line research on oar mechanics A new research project on the oar and the rowing s... 11/11/2020 View
The new 2nd edition of Biomechanics of Rowing The new 2nd edition of Biomechanics of Rowing has ... 10/10/2020 View
Prognostic Times Prognostic times (PTs, or Gold Standards) are wide... 30/09/2020 View
Trends of Rowing Speed The general trend of rowing speed became negative ... 07/09/2020 View
Total Rowing Gearing Gearing ratio is a popular, but contentious topic ... 22/07/2020 View
The current BioRow Webinar The 3rd Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is schedule... 10/07/2020 View
Rowing power and kinetic energy Here we continue the analysis of rowing power and ... 03/07/2020 View
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