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Experimental evaluation of four types of 2x hulls In November, a biomechanical comparison was conduc... 09/12/2019 View
Trends and prognostic rowing speeds Random nature of the weather and lack of informati... 18/11/2019 View
Stretcher force and seat movement The seat movement can be used as an adequate indic... 15/10/2019 View
Analysis of results of Worlds-2019 in Linz The weather in Linz made the general growth of the... 17/09/2019 View
Longitudinal study of rowing technique So far this year, Danish single sculler Sverri Nie... 19/08/2019 View
“Catch through the stretcher” technique Since the publication of my book, “Biomechanics ... 04/07/2019 View
Further analysis of kinetic energy Some crews maintain nearly constant ratio of kinet... 16/06/2019 View
New method of kinetic energy evaluation A new method of kinetic energy evaluation was rece... 05/05/2019 View
Erg Testing With The BioRowTech System A look at how the BioRowTech system can be used in... 19/04/2019 View
Balance of Propulsive Forces An continued analysis of forces in rowing, discuss... 22/03/2019 View
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