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Refined balance of propulsive forces The determination of the fine balance of propulsiv... 10/09/2021 View
Analysis of Tokyo Olympics results A strong cross-tail wind allowed for quick times o... 02/08/2021 View
The next BioRow Webinar on Friday the 16th July 2021 The next BioRow Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is... 05/07/2021 View
Axial force at the blade The axial blade force has been determined indirect... 04/07/2021 View
The next BioRow Webinar The next BioRow Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is... 01/06/2021 View
Blade work profile during recovery Christian Lindig from Chesterton RC in Cambridge, ... 30/05/2021 View
New BioRow developments A new template of biomechanical data evaluation ha... 20/05/2021 View
News & "Stroke rate and rowing efficiency" Rowing Biomechanics and technique are very differe... 04/04/2021 View
Effect of stroke rate on rowing technique Stroke rate is an incredibly important factor of r... 16/03/2021 View
More about seat racing for selection Three types of factors could be identified in the ... 28/01/2021 View
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