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Title Description Date Added
Total Rowing Gearing Gearing ratio is a popular, but contentious topic ... 22/07/2020 View
The current BioRow Webinar The 3rd Webinar on Rowing Biomechanics is schedule... 10/07/2020 View
Rowing power and kinetic energy Here we continue the analysis of rowing power and ... 03/07/2020 View
The first BioRow Webinar The first BioRow Webinar has been successfully per... 15/06/2020 View
HDF evaluation on the water and rowing machines Mass-Equivalent is equal to a mass, which a rower ... 23/05/2020 View
HDF indicator in more detail The physical interpretation of HDF is: it equates ... 07/05/2020 View
Effect of stretcher height on rowing technique A new stretcher force sensor has been developed re... 31/03/2020 View
HDF during the drive The peak HDF happens straights after the legs velo... 17/03/2020 View
Handle Drag Factor Handle Drag Factor HDF was introduced as a measure... 11/02/2020 View
Review on blade propulsive efficiency Blade efficiency is very popular topic in rowing c... 24/12/2019 View
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