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BioRow PitchMeter was designed for accurate adjustment of the pin angles relative to the vertical axis in frontal (fore-aft pitch) and transverse (lateral pitch) planes. These settings define the blade pitch during the drive, from catch to finish.

BioRow PitchMeter consists of a base 1 firmly connected to a vertical stay 2 and floating on it slider 3. A bubble level 4 is mounted on the slider and can be used for levelling a boat and for rough setting of the pitch (half bubble is about 1o pitch). For accurate pitch adjustment, an electronic meter 5 is provided, which is mounted on the base 1 with a collet 6. The base 1 and slider 3 have conical grub screws for mounting the pitch meter on the pin.

Working with BioRow PitchMeter

  1. Level the boat accurately in fore-aft and lateral axes, and fix it from movements, which is very important for proper pitching of the pin and blade.
  2. Fix firmly the meter 5 on the base 1 and re-zero it: set the pitch meter horizontally (the bubble level could be used for this), turn the meter ON (long push on "On/Off-Ref” button), then re-zero with short push on the same button.
  3. Mount the PitchMeter on the pin: insert the bottom conical screw into centring hole of the bottom nut, move the slider down to insert the top screw into the hole, then fix it with the thumb-nut. Make sure that the pitch meter can rotate of the pin freely without a backlash.
  4. Measure the pin pitch in fore-aft and lateral axes. Recommended angles in sculling: 0о fore-aft, 1.5-2о lateral pitch; in sweep boats, usually it is zero in both directions (straight vertical pin). If the angles are different from the target, a pitch adjustment is needed.
  5. The method of pitch adjustment depends of design of the rigger and pin-gate. The most popular these days system with spherical cup on the rigger and C-shaped bracket holding the pin can be adjusted in the following cycle:
  6. Slightly release the fixing bolt 8 and turn C-bracket to set 0o lateral pitch. Rotate the PitchMeter in the frontal plane and measure fore-aft pitch. If it is different from your target, release fully the bolt 8 and slide C-bracket up or down till required fore-aft pitch, trying to keep the same lateral pitch. Half-tighten the bolt 8, check the pin pitches in two directions again and if they are differ from targets, repeat the adjustment cycle again as many times as needed.


Dimensions                            250 x 100 x 50 mm

Weight                                    260 g

Display resolution                  0.05 deg

Accuracy                                ±0.2 deg

Battery                                    1.5V AAA (LR03)

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