Gold standards for boat acceleration

Gold standards for boat acceleration

Here we continue the analysis of boat acceleration BA using the model developed in RBN 2023/01 for the evaluation of various aspects of rowing technique.

A simple input of various values of stroke rate into the model equations for different boat types gives us typical curves of BA (Fig.1 shows them synchronised at catch).

The boat acceleration curves are very similar in all coxless boats at similar stroke rates. In coxed boats, the magnitudes of acceleration peaks are lower because of larger passive mass of the boat with a coxswain.

To obtain “Gold standards”, the boat acceleration BA curves of an Olympic level sculler at training and race rates were compared with population model in singles and with a less successful sculler.

Magnitudes of both BA negative and positive peaks were very similar, but the timing of these was very different…, which creates a faster velocity of rower’s centre of mass CM relative to the boat during the drive. In coaching jargon, this is called ‘using rower’s bodyweight to apply power’, which is widely recognised as the most efficient rowing technique.

Concluding, timing of the boat acceleration curve is the main indicator of“ Gold standard” of rowing technique. Its magnitude defines mainly ratio of active (rower) to passive (boat) masses.

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