Rowing biomechanics on-water and on RP3

Rowing biomechanics on-water and on RP3

The purpose of this study was to find out how efficient the use of a  mobile rowing machine can be for assessment and improvement of on-water rowing technique. Seven female scullers of elite level performed step-tests in singles instrumented with the BioRowTel system and then, on the RP3 erg using the BioRowTech system.

During the next three days, technical improvement sessions were implemented, in which the scullers practised on the RP3 and in singles with immediate feedback, displayed on a tablet PC. Finally, on-water testing was repeated and the results were compared.

Rowing Factors measured on RP3 rowing machine can be used for evaluation and improvement of rowing technique on-water.

Consequent technical training on RP3 with immediate feedback helped to significantly improve rowing technique on-water in the final testing, which means the RP3 erg can be successfully used for rowers’ technical assessment and improvement.

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