Biomechanical testing

Biomechanical testing

Any science starts with measurements. We have a special instrumentation to measure the most informative variables of Rowing Biomechanics: force and power production, blade work, boat mechanics, body segments sequence (rowing style) and synchronisation in a crew.

Numbers mean nothing without a sufficient knowledge and adequate analysis. This is our core strength: we know exactly what we measure, what it means and how it is related to the efficiency and effectiveness of your rowing technique.

For 25 years, we have measured and analysed data of many thousands of rowers and crews all around the World, many of them were Olympic and World champions. We have learned a lot from them, built biomechanical models and effective algorithms for data evaluation and feedback. Now this vast knowledge can help you to improve your technique and performance.

How can we help you?

If you are a club rower or coach, the best way is to use our service. You can come for a camp or seminar to where we are based around the Eton-Maidenhead area in UK, or we may come to you with our measurement system, test you, analyse the data and give feedback on how you can row better.

For coaches or managers of bigger rowing teams we can offer our BioRowTel measurement system, complemented with training courses for your staff and seminars coaches, which brings the complete technology to your day-to-day practice.

We would be very happy to collaborate with sport scientists and students on rowing research projects, publish articles together and move rowing science forward.

Our technology and expertise could be very useful for manufacturers of rowing equipment to find out which boat is faster, which blade is more efficient, to improve their products and increase sales.

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