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Discussion on Power in Rowing Recently, there have been discussions relating to ... 25/11/2018 View
An analysis of the results of the 2018 World Rowing Championships In this newsletter we will analyse the trends and ... 15/11/2018 View
Handle Force Measurements with the BioRowTech erg system You can now measure handle force on the ergometer ... 07/11/2018 View
Rowing Power Several scientific articles about rowing power wer... 05/10/2018 View
Practical implications of the blade analysis Here we give some practical conclusions based on t... 14/09/2018 View
Interpretation of the Blade Work variables The beginning and end of the drive are more effici... 23/08/2018 View
Advanced Analysis of Blade Work Advanced analysis of the blade work allowed reason... 31/07/2018 View
Blade Drag Factor During the drive phase, the blade slips through th... 10/06/2018 View
Interpretation of the blade work profile After force curve, the blade work profile is anoth... 25/05/2018 View
Interpretation of the force curve We always try to make the BioRow reports provided ... 10/05/2018 View
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