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Title Description Date Added
BioRow data analysis When rowing is measured with any telemetry system,... 16/02/2018 View
Using legs and trunk during the drive Why having “shins vertical” is a desired start... 19/01/2018 View
New BioRow developments A new BioRow® 2D force sensor for a foot-stretche... 25/11/2017 View
Analysis of Worlds-2017 results The first World Championship of the new Olympic cy... 22/10/2017 View
New system for technique improvement How does rowing on the erg affect technique in the... 16/09/2017 View
Case study on rowing efficiency Interesting data was obtained recently: two LW2x p... 12/08/2017 View
Criteria of the technique at the finish While numerical evaluation of catch technique was ... 21/07/2017 View
New system for erg biomechanics A new system for biomechanical measurements on the... 18/06/2017 View
Standardizing of biomechanical data It was found that BioRow data could be used for st... 15/05/2017 View
Evaluation of EmPower oarlocks EmPower instrumented oarlock (1) became available ... 21/04/2017 View
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