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A common approach in a way to improve rowing technique is looking at winning crews in an attempt to copy them, without taking care to understand why they are fast. However, some crews are not winning just because they are, they win in spite of their technique, by the means of higher physiological power and stronger, better motivation. A large variety of rowing techniques could be found in winners of Elite regattas, so which one should you copy? A copy is always going to be worse than the original!

We propose a different approach, which requires some extra efforts and brain power, but will help you produce much more consistent and reliable results. What we can offer you, is understanding of “how it works”, and why. BioRow Knowledge Base is a sort of a mosaic, a completed puzzle, where bits and pieces of rowing technique are placed in an organised manner and connected with ties of mechanical principles. It was made using common sense is the rule of thumb, and all ideas were always verified empirically, with rowing results, statistics on more than 40,000 measurements and biomechanical modelling.

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