BioRow video transmitter Video TX needed to connect video camera output with the video goggles as a part of Visual Immediate feedback system, which is used as an effective tool for technique improvement. With this system, rowers can see immediately what they are doing in a boat and can correct details of their technique from stroke to stroke.

BioRow Video TX can take HDMI or analogue (3 pins) signal from camera and send it to the goggles through 5.8GHz radio. To connect to your own proprietary goggles, you’ll need to match video channel on them with the channel set in Video TX, which can be done on both sides. Some types of goggles have “Auto search” function, or you need to do it manually. Also, you can order Video TX set to a specific channel on your request, or you can change it yourself on our instructions.

Technical specifications:

Video TX mass                  0.3 kg;

Video TX radio                  5.8GHz, 40 channels;

Video TX power            25(default)/200/600 mW;

Video input                         HDMI, analogue (3 pins)

Video TX Battery  LiPo rechargeable from USB;

Video TX Battery life        8 hours;

Working range at 25mW   up to 200m.

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