A new addition to the BioRowTech system for the rowing ergometer has recently been developed. Handle force can now be measured using the BioRowTech system in addition to the velocities of the three main body segments.

This is done through a sensor that is attached directly to the handle itself. A wire coming from the sensor is attached to the main unit on the frame of the erg. This sensor provides an objective measurement for handle force, and for this reason is not restricted to the Concept 2 ergometer. The same handle can be attached to the RP3, as well as potentially other brand indoor rowers. Measurements made by this system are viewed and can be stored on the tablet PC provided – handle force, work per stroke, stroke rate and split can be seen on-screen.

The sensor does not have any noticeable effects on the rower when the system is being used – only 2cm is added between the handle and chain. The weight added by the sensor is only 190g. Both of these factors mean the technique of the rower is not impeded by the measuring equipment, allowing accurate seat-trunk-handle velocities to be measured, as well as the handle force.

The sensor has a range of 0-2500N, with the accuracy being within 0.4% of the range. The sensor is available to purchase as seen in the photo – already attached to the handle, which replaces the handle on the erg being used. Individually, the sensor costs £300 as an add-on to the BioRowTech system (if already purchased). All newly purchased BioRowTech systems (£1200) now have the option of coming with this sensor, with the total final price being £1500.

We hope you enjoy using this new product in all your latest measurements!

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BioRowTech Handle Force Sensor

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