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The first BioRow Webinar

The first BioRow Webinar

The first BioRow Webinar to aid the development of understanding rowing technique.

The first BioRow Webinar was successfully performed last Friday, the 5th June 2020. It lasted for over an hour and a half. 10 participants attended from a variety of back grounds and countries.

The topic was “Basic Rowing Biomechanics for Effective Technique” the contents were

as follows:

1. The “boat check” and basic principles of effective rowing

2. The principle of taking the catch through the stretcher

3. Rowing style: Legs-Trunk-Arms (LTA)

4. Finish through the handle, including an explanation of the finish factor

5. Recovery sequence: Arms-Trunk-Legs (ALT)

6. Examples of the rowing style from world best rowers with short video clips and some with biomechanical detail.

The Webinar was organised as a sequence of these topics.

A 10-15 min presentation by Dr.Valery Kleshnev was alternated with periods of interactive questioning and feedback from the audience along with discussion on the given topic.

The main questions were about the implications of the rowing technique for various boat types and categories of rowers and how it applied to rowing machines, along with the relationship to rigging: blade type, gearing ratio, etc.

After the Webinar, all participants received handouts and video footage. Access to the copy of the webinar was also supplied.

It is proposed to continue the series of Webinars on Rowing Biomechanics every fortnight or three weeks.

It is proposed to have different times for the meetings depending on which time zones the attendees are based. This is likely to be  Europe, America and Asia.

For new people attending the sessions it is advised that they start with this first lecture as an introduction to understand the basic technique before enrolling on to the full course.

The next BioRow Webinar will take place on Friday the 26th June at 11.00am London time (GMT+1), where we will continue our talks about rowing myths and reality.

If you have any queries about the webinars please do not hesitate to contact us.