2016 W2x POL
2016 M8+ St.Paul
2016 LM4- DEN
2016 W8+ Cornell

New BioRowTel Measurement system with WiFi

New BioRowTel Measurement system with WiFi

BioRow™ measurement system BioRowTel was recently upgraded with WiFi capability, which allows wireless data transmission in a real time from the main unit to any Windows PC or tablet. The system was experimentally verified with two tablets: one in the boat and another one in the coach’s launch:

The range of reliable data transmission was found more than 100m, which is enough for practical coaching. 

Flexible software allows immediate feedback on various Biomechanical variables: Stroke length, force curve, Catch and Rowing Style Factors (similar for the Catch Training system), etc. 

BioRowTel system with WiFi capability appeared to be quite powerful and versatile tool for improvement of rowing technique.