Rowing Biomechanics Newsletters

Volume 11, Year 2011


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129 2011/12 How to set up the stretcher properly in sculling?  
128 2011/11

Would there be any advantage to locating the oarlock above the centre of the pin?

What would be the most appropriate drag setting on a dynamic ergometer for the purpose of improving on-water sculling speeds?

127 2011/10 Roadmap on Rowing Biomechanics  
126 2011/09 Changing oar length a few cm does not dramatically affects rowing biomechanics  
125 2011/08 Analysis of 2011 World Rowing Championships in Bled, Slovenia  
124 2011/07 Asymmetry in sculling  
123 2011/06 How various variables affect rower's feelings of "heaviness" or "lightness" during rowing on erg and on the water  
122 2011/05 GPS boat speed and stroke rate  
121 2011/04 Can shorter rowers really benefit from using shorter oars?  
120 2011/03

10th Birthday of the Newsletter;

Lift force at the seat: does it really lift the whole rower-boat system and decreases water displacement?

119 2011/02 Synchronisation of rowers' movements in a crew  
118 2011/01 Setting Drag Factor on various ergs types to match on-water rowing in various boat types  

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