Rowing Biomechanics Newsletters

Volume 6, Year 2006


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Different types of sport scientist from a coach’s point of view.


59 2006/02 Trampoline effect


60 2006/03 Classification of rowing styles, Grinko style; Mirror sequence of the segments movements during the drive and recovery. 239Kb  
61 2006/04


Five year anniversary of the Newsletter; Igor Grinko comments on classification of rowing styles; Cas Rekers question on drive/recovery ratio; Air drag of the blade during recovery and early squaring. 78Kb  
62 2006/05 Similarity of the average force with weight training; power curve in different rowing styles  33Kb  
63 2006/06 Why is a long catch not a waste of energy; Why is a front loaded drive more efficient. 36Kb  
64 2006/07 At what point of recovery should the highest seat velocity be achieved to provide the most efficient catch and drive? 275Kb  
65 2006/08 Countries' performance on the last World Championship-2006 and New World Best Times;
Trends of the boat speed and prognostic Gold Medal Times;
Trends of the race strategy
66 2006/09

New spreadsheet to training times at different stroke rate;

Why it is efficient to push the stretcher at the catch.

67 2006/10  French version of the Newsletter; Updated spreadsheet for boat speed at different stroke rate; Efficient technique of the finish. 92Kb   
68 2006/11  Analysis of the oars/sculls gearing based on results of FISA rigging survey 31Kb    
69 2006/12   Analysis of the span/spread based on results of FISA rigging survey 38Kb    

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